Use this guide to create Azure DevOps account. Next create a project named AI99001 and finall use this guide to give me and TAs admin access.

⚠ When following the guides above, make sure you use your own student id and use AI99001 for project name. Also do not forget to add the TA Account as indicated in the guide.


After setting up Azure DevOps and cloning it on your computer unpack this starter pack at the root of your repository. This pack includes:

  • TestCommons: The required test library.
  • Template: A template project and solution.
  • azure-dotnet-build-test.yml: The pipeline configuration file.
  • .gitignore: ignore build/test artifacts
  • Student full name and ID.

After add/commit/push of these files/directories in the root of your repository, use the included yml file to create a .netcore build/test pipeline. The build should be successful on master. Next, set the build as branch policy for master. You are now ready to start on your first assignment.