My Favorite Tools

I like to list my favorite tools, so I can keep track of them and I can also point friends/students/colleagues to this list. This is a first draft. I will add more items as I remember/discover/have time.

  • Windows SysInternals: Collection of the best and most advanced system tools for the windows operating system. It has many tools that deserve their own separate entry.
  • WinDirStat: Why is my hard disk full? The best free tool I found to answer this question.
  • Meld: I love Beyond Compare but it is not free. Meld is the best free tool I found. I’ve also used WinMerge, but Meld seems to have a more intuitive UI.
  • FlashBack Express: I’ve used the free version of Flashback Express for several semesters to record my lectures. It’s the best free tool I’ve found and I have no complaints!
  • VSCode is my favorite general purpose editor. Specially when working in a ‘Directory’. I regularly use it for python, HTML, LaTeX, C++, Jekyll, … .
  • ConEMU: I open many terminal windows for various tasks. It’s nice to have them all in one window, but different tabs.
  • Windows Password Reset: I tried several tools. This one worked for me on Windows 10.
  • winget: I used winget to setup my new machine. It works for many packages. Here is the list of packages I installed through winget. Although most of them, don’t add them to the path. So, I have to do that manually (Anaconda.Anaconda3, Git.Git, Maximus5.ConEmu, WhatsApp.WhatsApp, Microsoft.dotnet, ProtonTechnologies.ProtonVPN, SublimeHQ.SublimeText.3, meld, miktex, texstudio, djview, VideoLan.VLC, WinMerge).
  • pathed: I like the command prompt. That means my tools need to be in the PATH. But editing the PATH environment variable from the command line is a pain. Thanks to this tool, it’s less painful.
  • Windows Terminal: I still like ConEMU better. But, windows terminal can also do the job. On my new windows, I’m using windows terminal. It’s working fine so far. almost.
  • Farsi Fonts: This is what I used. It worked.

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