Fundamentals of Computer Programming / Fall 2019


  • Computer Lab Exam Topics

    • Windows command prompt:
      • file management: copy, move, ren, mkdir, rmdir, dir, robocopy
      • using pipes and redirecting output: |, >, »
      • using findstr and more
      • for loops over file or file content
      • BAT files
    • Linux command prompt: only simple command used in the pythonanywhere shell: cp, rm, ls, mv, …
    • Simple git commands: pull ,push, add, commit, branch, checkout
    • VSCode: using vscode including extensions, settings, creating and managing tasks, debugging, …
    • Manging the PATH environment variable
    • HTML and JavaScript
    • Manging Google Calander
    • Understanding the Internet
    • Basic LaTeX, MS-Word and Excel
    • Using SysInternals autoruns.exe tool
    • Zip, Unzip files and folders
    • File Management in Windows
    • Running/Installing programs in windows
    • Using TaskMgr in windows to find/kill processes.
    • Understanding and using VPNs and Proxies.
    • Using Azure DevOps: Pull Requests, Pipelines
    • Compiling, Linking, Building C/C++ code.
    • Using search/google/stackoverflow/… to troubleshoot/fix problems.
    • Updating github website.
    • Following instructions to make changes to your windows computer.

    • During the exam you can use all/any resource you want. You CANNOT communicate in any way with ANYONE except the instructor.
  • New Lecture is up: Lab14 - All other programming languages
  • New Lecture is up: Lecture 28 - Enum/Goto in C, Building/Testing troubleshooting, C++ [slides]
  • New Lecture is up: Lecture 27 - File handling in Python and do-while, switch statement in C [slides]
  • New Assignment released: [C-Assignment 2 - Arrays, struct, dynamic memory and function pointers]
  • New Lecture is up: Lab 13 - Explaining C Assignment 2 + Compiling/Linking workshop + VSCode Tasks
  • New Lecture is up: Lecture 26 - argc/argv, char **, const pointers, multi diminsional array, function pointer [slides]

Course Description

In this course, we aim to introduce students to programming.

Course instructor

Sauleh Eetemadi

Teaching Assistants

Amir Mohammad Ehsandar

Mohammad Javad Mirshekari

Mohammad Mahdi Abdollahpour

Milad Esfandiyari

Sepehr Babapour

Amir Khakpour